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Privacy Policy
We thank to our esteemed customers and various wings of our business partners for keeping trust and establishing connections with Srkadali Consulting Services. We always assure and secure their trust and information throughout the live business associations.
By visiting our website or in service association, you agree and are accepting the policies described in our website or agreed any form. Our privacy policies or statements may subject to change at any time without notice. To keep updated about the changes, please visit and review our privacy policy periodically.
  • Privacy policy is a statement that explains how the site collects, handles, stores, shares and protects customer‘s personal and often sensitive information gathered through the interactions
  • The information provided by the user through the website or as a part of services in any form is solely by the interest and responsibility of the provider for the services provided Srkadali Consulting Services,  We safeguard the information provided by the user with care.
  • To provide the better services up to the extent and maintain the effective communication as a part of that, we may collect and use fraction of your personal information like names (Person or Organization or body or Institution or Products or Services etc.), communication numbers (Mobile number or Phone number or any number which is used to communicate to the purpose), electronic communication IDs and content (Emails, web content etc.), location or geographic information, designation or levels of the person or entities,, profile identification images of the contact personnel or any other information needed to meet the requested services.
  • To protect the information collected from our customers, we use possible security measures and controls to avoid alteration and loss of information. We adhere to the strict security guidelines and practices,
  • For better understanding, communication and relevance of information we may link to the external websites from in some cases as required. We are NOT responsible for the content or privacy practices of those linked websites.
  • Our business partners or authorised personnel may access the information provided by our customers or interested parties to perform their defined functions, as requested, but may not be used for other purposes.


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