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Risk Management System

ISO 31000 – Risk Management System is an international standard intended and published for the purpose of managing and controlling the risk of an organization to achieve its objectives and goals by managing threats and adverse situations and ready to take advantage of opportunities that may arise.
The generic approach described in this International Standard provides the principles and guidelines for managing any form of risk in a systematic, transparent and credible manner and within any scope and context.

It can be used by any public, private or community enterprise, association, group or individual.  Therefore, this standard is not specific to any industry or sector. Risk is all about uncertainty, or more importantly, the effect of uncertainty on the achievement of objectives.
ISO 31000 is not intended for the purpose of certification.

Few Benefits

ü Minimize the negative impact on business or projects as RMS focuses on the identified  tasks
ü Serving at the time of crisis as fostering the vigilance at all the times of discipline
ü Helps to be aware of the forthcoming issues and their adverse impacts
ü Protects or optimize the resources utilization
ü Strengthen or guide for timely decision making
ü Safe, healthy and accident free work environment
ü Obtain design quality at first pass
ü Enhanced customer satisfaction
ü Compliance to statutory and regulatory
ü Stability and sustainability
ü Proactive action instead of Reactive correction or loss

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