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QMS for Aviation, Space and Defence

AS 9100 is a specialized Quality Management System designed for Aerospace industry supply chain to implement, maintain and improve the quality of the products and processes to meet the demanding customer requirements. This standard is based on ISO 9001-QMS with additional special requirements which are mandatory required by the aerospace, aviation and defense domains. All aerospace suppliers and manufacturers require obligatory compliance to AS 9100 to associate with the business supply chain. This standard primarily focuses on safety, quality and customer satisfaction with the risk management system. AS 9100 Standard provides guidance for managing variation of key characteristics of a material, process or a part where the variation has a significant influence on the product performance, manufacturability and service life
Aerospace successive objectives are the benchmark measurement of the growing technological development on the globe. Aerospace industries comprise design, manufacture, maintenance and servicing of air crafts, helicopters, missiles, satellites and launchers. Industries involved in aerospace engineering deals with designing and building machines that fly and produce various components, sub-assemblies and assemblies, hardware or software to interface with the machinery

Few Benefits

  • Formulate the system compliant to the aerospace, aviation and defense.
  • View of the risk management which elevates quality, safety and satisfaction.
  • Aligning the products and processes with customer requirements and views.
  • Compliance to the statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Process development and product improvement.
  • Statistical measurable of objectives and management goals.
  • Market and stack holders credibility
  • Design and development of the product followed by continual improvement.
  • Reliability of the product and sustainability of the organization.
  • Enhanced safety, communication, documentation, and harmony and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced rejections and cost of poor quality

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