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ISO 9001-QMS



Gap Auditing

Internal Auditing

Quality Management System

Quality Management System is a collection of interrelated or interacting processes that a business organizations use to formulate Quality Policies and Quality Objectives to meet the customer requirements. The basic elements required to establish the processes that are needed to ensure the policies are followed and objectives are achieved, are procedures, policies, rules, roles, plans, responsibilities, relationships, programs, practices, contracts, agreements, involvement of people, documents, records, resources, tools, methods and technologies.
 Few Benefits

  • Unique tool for managing and controlling the quality of your organization and performance
  • System that will enable you to achieve, sustain and improve quality of the product
  • Enhances the customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements, followed by business growth
  • Optimum utilization of organization resources by identifying and managing the needs required to achieve the objectives, policies and goals
  • Better control over the processes, measuring and testing equipment, and measurement system, which are directly effect your product quality
  • Reduction in waste, and customer complaints
  • Eliminates the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)
  • Develops the good team work, communication and motivation abilities
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